Agriculture and food

ARL can carry out these tests:

• Animal tissues, meat, beverages, feeds, fertilizers, garlic, nutrients, pesticides, plant materials, flour, vegetables
• Soils, horticultural products, composts and amended soils
• Cations
• Anions
• Nutrients
• Inorganics
• Physical tests
• Pesticides, fungicides and herbicides
• Metals
• Water quality

ARL can provide physical and chemical analyses of plant, soil, sediment and water samples for inorganic nutrients, trace elements and heavy metals.

ARL’s facilities include Inductively Coupled Plasma/Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES), discrete analyser and nutrient analyser equipment, and this provides selected specialised analysis to government agencies, the agriculture and food industry, primary producers and the retail sector for quality assurance purposes.