Environmental consultants

ARL provides tests in the following areas:

• Environmental assessment
• Aquatic / wetlands / marine monitoring
• Catchment management, ground and surface water monitoring
• Water quality, salinity and nutrient testing
• Air pollution, respirable fibres, diesel particulate, asbestos and dust monitoring
• Acid sulphate soils and contaminated sites monitoring for environmental audits
• Waste management and waste water monitoring

ARL has a long history of providing analytical services to environmental consultants.

ARL services are reliable, accurate, responsive, flexible, expert, and fully NATA certified, and we can work with you to design and deliver tests that meet your specific needs.

ARL is fully conversant with Western Australia’s environment, regulations, and related idiosyncrasies.

ARL can develop testing packages that assist consultants to meet regulatory guidelines including those of the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER), and that improve clarity of communication with the regulator.