We are very experienced in testing the following different waters:

• Source (fresh) water
• Groundwater / bore water
• Drinking (potable) water
• Treated water
• Swimming pool water
• Trade / industrial waste
• Wastewater / effluent
• Irrigation water
• Marine and estuarine waters

ARL has provided analytical testing services to Western Australia’s major water service providers for over 20 years. We have signed a long term Preferred Supplier Agreement with the Water Corporation.

Our NATA certified testing gives water sector managers and operators confidence in the physical and chemical quality and safety of the materials and products they manage and provide to customers every day.

ARL is an industry leader in providing very low reporting limits for some organic parameters such as pesticides. ARL also offers some specialised water test capabilities that are unique in Australia.

We fully understand the importance of due diligence, compliance, and the requirement of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) for rigorous procedures for the daily review of drinking water quality monitoring data.

ARL also carries out tests on:
• Aesthetic components of water quality
• Biosolids and wastewater sludges
• Materials and substances in contact with drinking water
• Drinking water chemicals
• Contaminants in drinking water chemicals.